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How to get closer to your dream, DangJang!
You can visualize your wishes every day in DangJang!
If you know how to do it DangJang!, you can only make your dream come true!
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How to do DangJang! 1
Visualize my wish!
Create a wish image
Make your wish come true into an image and see it every day and dream! Image training is an effective way to increase the feasibility and success rate of your goals.
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How to do DangJang! 2
Together we will last a long time!
Communicate with the gallery right now
Share the image of your wish to the gallery right now and meet your colleagues and mentors! Communicating with passionate people who dream great dreams, You can succeed with more fun!
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How to do DangJang! 3
how to make your dreams come true, Start with small challenges to accomplish every day
A small challenge is okay, too! Get closer to your goals by succeeding in your own task every day. If you set up a task, DangJang! will tell you. Let's take a step forward together!
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How to do DangJang! 4
Let's together!
share the wish image
You can share the wish image you made or create a wish image to support your friend and give it as a gift! Shall we introduce it to a friend and try it together?
User Review
Making a wish image and setting it on the background screen, it's nice to be able to reflect on my goals every day!
It was a fight with myself, and it's nice to be with people with the same goal!
After creating a wish image and setting up practical tasks, I think I can achieve my hopeless dreams step by step!
I feel so reassured and grateful to have alarms, colleagues, and mentors who help me not to forget to practice!